If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand pictures.

Prototypes are necessary to validate and thoroughly test the final design as well as give you something to touch and feel. We do concept models, fully functional prototypes and rapid tooling to produce the best possible products.




Our prototypes are real. They are produced using the materials specified for your final production part, not "mockups".

We routinely get customers who come to us with an "impossible" problem. We smile, assure them it will work and within days they have the finished product in hand.

Likewise, people bring us prototypes which have gone badly wrong. We fix the problem, and have it right back to them.

We do everything in-house. No need to ship from place to place.

We do it right, on time, every time.

Your customers will use all of their senses to evaluate your product, and we think that you should be able to do the same.  (425) 869-8303

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